UK interest in Alstom’s hydrogen-powered trains

As Alstom put its hydrogen multiple unit into traffic in Lower Saxony on September 17, the company confirmed significant interest from the UK in the technology.

Two hydrogen-powered iLints are running between Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven in Germany. Representatives of Eversholt Rail and Transport Scotland travelled on the first revenue-earning train on September 17.

Alstom plans to convert Class 321 electric multiple units owned by Eversholt Rail for use in the UK. The work will be carried out at the company’s Widnes facility.

There are variations as to what could be offered, and no deal has yet been signed for an operator. Alstom points out that there are significant hydrogen facilities in Teesside and Merseyside, while Transport Scotland has publicly confirmed its interest in alternative energy solutions.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 25/09/2018 04:46

    What about converting the Class 317 EMUs into Hydrogen or Bi-Mode trains. At least the Class 317 could last lot longer if they too were to be converted into either Hydrogen MU or Bi-Mode MU trains for England and possible for Wales. And send some to Scotland and possibly Northern Ireland.

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  • FunkyFranky - 26/09/2018 13:27

    The launch in Germany of a train on hydrogen fuel cells has become an undeniable technological success - but it's still early to talk about the revolution in transport. Externally, the Coradia iLint is no different from ordinary trains cruising throughout Germany at short distances - except that its sky-blue color symbolizing environmental friendliness . Inside, the new train is generally indistinguishable from its counterparts. But from a technical point of view, the Coradia iLint is a breakthrough, as it is the world's first hydrogen-fuel cell train. Moreover, this is not a prototype: after the first official flight on Sunday, July 16, it is already scheduled for daily flights between the cities of Bremerferde, Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven and Buxtehude in the federal state of Lower Saxony. Such tech was possible thanks to

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  • J Gray - 14/10/2018 06:31

    Brilliant! How about replacing all North western trains - leeds to lakes district

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