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Grand Union Class 802s to serve Llanelli from 2023?

Hitachi bi-modes form part of long-term plan for Grand Union's open access plans in Wales

Skipton and Blackpool welcome new Northern EMUs

Northern's new CAF trains rolled out onto more routes

FROM THE ARCHIVES: The IEPs have arrived

As the first electric trains from the IEP enter traffic, RICHARD CLINNICK chronicles the programme from inception to carrying its first passengers in 2017

November 12 2019

Join a community of rail executives, key government figures, regulatory bodies and the entire industry supply chain in preparing for the future of freight and passenger travel in the UK.

The full-day conference identifies the strategic opportunities available in a time of increased government scrutiny and economic uncertainty.

The National Rail Conference is your chance to have a say in the structures, systems and policies that will be in place for the next decade and beyond. Put yourself and your business at the helm of an evolving rail industry.

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