TPE welcome its first Class 802/2s

The first two Hitachi Class 802/2s have been officially accepted by TransPennine Express.

The five-car bi-modes, funded by Angel Trains, have successfully completed their fault-free running and will now be used for driver training ahead of entry into service.

TPE has 19 on order, each with 342 seats - an increase of 161 from the three-car Class 185 diesel multiple units they will replace.

No official date for their introduction has been mentioned, with TPE saying they will be phased into service before the end of the year. They will run between Liverpool Lime Street/Manchester Airport and Newcastle/Edinburgh Waverley.

Testing continues on TPE’s Mk 5A and Class 397 orders from CAF.

  • For the latest on TPE's fleets, read RAIL 883, published on July 17, and available digitally on Android, iPad and Kindle from July 13.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 10/07/2019 07:50

    As Transpennine Express are to start using the Class 802 IET Nova 1 on services it will operate on. They should start replacing the Class 185 Desiro DMUs and perhaps cascade the Class 185s to Northern, ScotRail, Crosscountry, East Midlands Railway. And to keep some of the Class 185s and operate them on other routes including maintaining the Class 185s at the new Siemens TMD at Goole near Hull.

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  • L.M. - 25/11/2019 12:01

    Have just travelled in the new class 802 for the first time. The seats in standard class are awful, the cushion is hard; there is no support for the lower back and the back is too upright. The seats in the class 185's are better.

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