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More new trains on LNER wish list

LNER has revealed it is in the market for new trains, despite only just starting to introduce its new Hitachi Azumas.

Engineering Director John Doughty told RAIL that the operator needs more vehicles to meet the requirements of the planned timetable upgrade in 2021.

Initially the plan was to retain Class 91s with shorter rakes of Mk 4s that would be used on limited-stop expresses between London King’s Cross and Edinburgh. However, that has changed because the older stock would need significant rebuilding and refurbishment following a period out of traffic.

Doughty said: “We will need new trains to support the timetable change, otherwise it will be tight.” 

He explained that “slightly more than six” would be required, but did not give a definitive number. These would likely be ten-car trains. LNER later confirmed the figure was could be from six to eight.

Ideally, the company would like to increase its existing Hitachi order. However, the operator must comply with European Union regulations which decrees there must be an open competition. Doughty said there was no option for additional Azumas, and that the 65 on order would be the only ones from that contract.

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  • Duncan Wilson - 14/08/2019 08:03

    If I was the one ordering these new trains, I would ignore EU guidelines, and award the contract to Hitachi. This contract would be for 8, 10 car Class 801 EMU's. Also in the order would be 30 Motor Standard's to extend all 30 Class 801/2's to 10 cars.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 17/08/2019 17:41

    Is it true that the Class 91s is to face getting scrapped. Or will they still survive but to be stored. As the Azumas are taking over the East Coast Main Line.

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  • James - 19/08/2019 11:19

    Basically it's going to be 802's then, I don't see why the government couldn't intervene and increase the order slightly. Another option would be to have LNER order 8 Class 802s, but swap the order when they are delivered for 8 GWR Class 800s, that way GWR get more 802s which are better for its network, and LNER get a standard Class 800 fleet.

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