More Mk 5s for the Far North?

Caledonian Sleeper Chairman Peter Strachan says there is the possibility of more Mk 5s being ordered, should plans for the Far North Sleeper get the go-ahead (RAIL 831).

However, he said that service would likely need revenue support from Transport Scotland. And should there be an order for more stock, TS would need to help fund them.

There is also the option to continue using the existing stock, with Strachan acknowledging that the price could be cheaper because there is likely little further use for the Mk 2/Mk 3 fleet when the new stock arrives.

  • Peter Strachan details the plans for the Mk 5s, including testing and introduction into traffic, in RAIL 835. Digital editions available from September 9, and on the shelves from September 13.

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  • FrankH - 10/09/2017 22:27

    Highly unlikely this will go further than talk. I can't see there being much demand to be in Wick at 8 or 9 in the morning by many tourists. Business people in the main would use Aberdeen airport (2 per day@35 minutes) and fly to Wick as the Edinburgh flight time at mid afternoon is virtually useless.

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