HSTs for London parcels trains? asks GBRf MD

Using High Speed Trains to meet the growing demand for internet shopping has been suggested by GB Railfreight Managing Director John Smith.

Writing in the Evening Standard on July 5, Smith said: “Londoners are the most active users of online shopping in the UK, but there is increasing concern about the environmental impact of parcel deliveries.

“We’re asking ourselves how rail could play a role in making these deliveries more sustainable. We are exploring converting old Inter-City 125 High Speed Trains into fast freight services that can move internet shopping orders into London overnight, ready for delivery next morning. This would increase the speed of deliveries and lessen their environmental impact.”

Smith highlighted the importance that rail plays in the daily lives of Londoners, stating: “When we think of London’s rail network, images of commuters packed tightly onto trains heading into the capital for the daily grind comes to mind. The well-worn route for millions of people is a reminder of the dependence London has on its rail network.”

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 11/07/2019 10:55

    That is a great idea. Plus Class 43 HSTs should also be used for freight movements and to work with other locomotives that were built to operate freight rail services in the UK and to transport goods to various locations and depots.

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  • Danny Read - 14/08/2019 09:55

    Wow so we might not ever loose the HSTs! What a potential way to recycle!

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