DRS calls for investment on “long-forgotten” Cumbrian Coast Line

Direct Rail Services (DRS) wants more investment on the “long-forgotten” Cumbrian Coast Line in order for the area to succeed in the future.

A number of new nuclear sites are currently being built along the scenic line – which runs from Barrow-in-Furness to Carlisle - however, parts of the line only has one track, which limits the number of freight and passenger services that can use it, as well as the speed at which trains can run.

“The Cumbrian Coast has been a long-forgotten railway but if you look at the needs and the requirements for that piece of railway over the next 50 years then it is going to see a massive upsurge and absolutely DRS is going to be front and centre in that,” Chris Connelly, DRS Commercial Director told RAIL at Multimodal 2018 earlier this month. “That line needs more capacity. If you look at the projects for building new nuclear stations and you look at projects for Sellafield and you look at the National Grid then there is a lot for DRS to get involved in.”

Connelly hinted that DRS would be willing to invest in improvements to the line, but only as part as a consortium: “I think it’s one of those things where different people need to come to the party. There’s a lot of growth in the Cumbrian Coast line, with the energy sector and absolutely DRS is willing to play its part in that, but I think it is part of an overall part of investment and upgrade,” he said. 

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  • FrankH - 28/05/2018 23:36

    At the moment considering the lengths of trains that run on the line passing loops would suffice.

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