Caledonian Sleeper reveals prototype Mk 5 interiors

Interior of the Caledonian Sleeper Mk 5 double berth. CALEDONIAN SLEEPER.

Caledonian Sleeper unveiled the interior of its Mk 5 Sleeper today (June 30).

The carriages are being built by Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) in Beasain, Spain. They will enter traffic in 2018, replacing the existing Mk 2 and Mk 3 fleets.

Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf MSP visited the mock-up, and said: “When investing upwards of £60 million, we wanted a new Sleeper service that incorporated cutting-edge design, top-class passenger catering and a service that was emblematic of the very best Scotland has to offer. We also wanted a service that would enhance travel options to and from London as well as encourage more tourists to visit Scotland.”

Describing the Mk 5s as “breathtaking”, he said they offered a “glimpse of what innovative and never-before-seen upgrades to services rail passengers can expect”.

The new carriages feature double-room accommodation, a first for the UK. The new fleet will also have en-suite toilets and showers in a number of rooms in the accommodation carriages.

“Sitting with Humza Yousaf aboard the new Lounge Car allowed us to fast forward to 2018 and get a real feel for what will be a new standard of overnight travel between Scotland and London,” said Caledonian Sleeper Managing Director Peter Strachan.

  • For more on the Mk 5s, read RAIL 804, published on July 6.
  • For more on the CS fleet, read RAIL 805, published on July 20.


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  • John Alborough - 30/06/2016 13:47

    "Cutting edge design" . He may live to regret saying that. Those sharp corners look lethal on a moving train.

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    • Ian Buchan - 14/07/2016 20:49

      To quote Capt Mainwaring: "Ah, I wondered when someone would notice that Pike".

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  • James Miller - 30/06/2016 19:42

    I often go to Scotland to see friends and enjoy myself. I find that the cost of getting a First Class sleeper back to London is comparable to a night in a Premier Inn in Edinburgh of Glasgow. After 10 minutes in a taxi, I'm at home for breakfast. Although, I sleep well on the way down, I'm looking forward to trying the Mark 5 carriages. My only worry, is that the price will be a lot higher, so it might be better to catch the last train of the day, so I can sleep in my own bed.

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