Passenger Focus now Transport Focus

Passenger Focus has formally changed to become Transport Focus, and has started its new work representing the users of the English Strategic Road Network as well as rail passengers.

This builds upon the work of Passenger Focus, which for ten years has represented rail, bus, coach and tram passengers. 

The change follows Royal Assent of the Infrastructure Act, which puts measures in place for the English Strategic Road Network to be monitored by the Office of Road and Rail (formerly the Office of Rail Regulation).

Transport Focus Chief Executive Anthony Smith said: “We are delighted to be broadening our role to include users of motorways and the most significant A roads in England. Road users include motorists, freight and business users, as well as pedestrians and cyclists using the network.”

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  • James Cooper - 05/08/2015 12:28

    Transport focus are useless! And deliberately biased towards the train operators! Had a ticket clerk in Doncaster station being rude and ignorant towards me , making me let people who were more able bodied go before me in a cue when I was after buying a ticket! Even though I told him I was in discomfort with my hips and had a bone condition that coursed me pain! I told transport focus I was unhappy with the ticket clerks attitude and about my physical condition and they did nothing!!! Told me to except travel vouchers that had to call virgin to use on a 0845 number as the ticket guy had allready short changed me by £5. I was not going to call virgin and waist more money!! Transport focus would not even bother to mention that I had a disability and that they had broke several laws!! Am trying to go to a solicitor instead I will NEVER use transport focus again as a waist of time and a total pile of Sh** !

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