Past trans-Pennine trains remembered

With new 125mph trains on the horizon for
trans-Pennine services, it is worth remembering that it was 25 years ago when locomotive-hauled trains were replaced by diesel multiple units.

Since then, trains across the Pennines have become increasingly busy. But while the frequency increased,
so the number of carriages per train dropped.

Today, three-car Class 185 diesel multiple units are not enough to carry the vast numbers of passengers travelling between the major cities of the North. As the Government looks to build on its ‘Northern Powerhouse’, so the TransPennine franchise - and its fleet of 44 five-car, 125mph trains - will be the cornerstone to the transformative franchise. 

RAIL presents a selection of images taken during the 1970s and 1980s on the main route between Leeds and Manchester. Class 45s and ‘47s’ dominated, but other traction - including Deltics until the end of 1981 - could appear. 

  • This feature was published in RAIL 791 on January 6 2016

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  • FrankH - 25/02/2016 04:03

    I suggest someone in charge takes a peek at photo 2, the caption says 45143 approaching Miles Platting, not in that photo it doesn't. Off to specsavers with you.

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  • kenneth Baldwin - 12/10/2016 14:28

    It needs just a few track improvements to help prevent permanent speed restrictions plus the Todmorden curve and modern rolling stock and these routes would be as work-effective as the scenery is beautiful.

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  • Harry T - 14/08/2017 00:40

    How many times have the trains on TPE been changed? Loco hauled then super sprinters then express sprinters then desiro's now loco hauled again and IEP's!

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