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South Western Railway's £895 million Aventra unveiled - but entry delayed to 2020. Bombardier finally unveils the first Class 701 for SWR, but it won't enter traffic next month as planned.

The pros and cons of Driver Only Operation - Rail

There is perhaps an over-simplistic argument doing the rounds in the industry at present that Driver Only Operation (DOO) is simply about cost-cutting in an age of austerity - and a need for Britain’s passenger railway to provide value for money. There is a second argument in favour of retaining

October 2019 - Northern Pacers’ final termination date

The first Pacers will be sent off-lease from Northern on September 15 2018, with the final trains released on October 12 2019. In the franchise competition eventually won by Arriva, the Government had announced that the Class 14x fleet in use by Northern would have to be withdrawn, with the disabled

LNER reveals HSTs could stay -

High Speed Trains could remain in traffic with London North Eastern Railway beyond December 31 2019. In an interview with RAIL on July 31, at the launch of the first new Scottish diesel-electric hybrid Azuma, LNER Engineering Director John Doughty said HST withdrawals were to start in mid-November.. However, this was dependent upon Network Rail successfully testing and commissioning a sub ...

Does Great Western Railway's Class 800 IET pass the test?

This feature appeared in RAIL 841, published on December 6-December 19 2017. It is available digitally on Android and iPad. Great Western Railway’s Intercity Express Programme Class 800s entered traffic on October 16, in a launch marred by technical failures - air-conditioning poured water on unsuspecting passengers on the first run from Bristol Temple Meads, and there was a failure in the ...

EXCLUSIVE: Plans unveiled for £237m King’s Cross remodelling

King’s Cross is to partially close for three months in early 2020 to allow for major track remodelling and asset renewal, RAIL can exclusively reveal. Network Rail has confirmed that up to 50% of the UK’s ninth busiest station will be shut between January and March 2020, to complete the £237 million project.

Direct Norwich to Stansted trains to start this December

Direct trains between Norwich and Stansted Airport will start running from December 15. Greater Anglia will extend its Norwich-Cambridge service to the airport, although not every train will run beyond the city due to pathing constraints. Using its new bi-mode Class 755s, GA will operate eight

Europhoenix earmarks ‘91s’ for European freight use

Up to 20 Class 91s could be exported to Eastern Europe for freight duties. Europhoenix has purchased two of the electric locomotives for initial trials abroad, and more could follow as their career on the East Coast Main Line draws to a close. EP has bought 91117 and 91120 from Eversholt Rail Group

The RAIL 100 Breakfast Club

SYSTRA keeps the world moving through connecting people and places. Every day, more than 50 million people travel using transport systems designed by SYSTRA. A recognised world leader in mobility and mass transit, SYSTRA employs 6,700 people and has an operational presence in 80 countries. SYSTRA

Moorgate…the unresolved tragedy

"As darkness came, there was a very loud noise, metal and glass breaking, no screams, all in the fraction of the second one takes to breathe in. It was all over in no time.” Javier Gonzalez was speaking to the BBC, after surviving the crash that claimed more lives on the Tube than any other single

VIDEO: Dawlish Sea Wall cab ride - Rail Magazine

On September 26 2014, RICHARD CLINNICK travelled in the cab of First Great Western 150243 as it worked an Exeter St David's-Penzance. This is the view of the iconic Brunel sea wall between Dawlish Warren and Teignmouth, filmed from the cab.

Ballasted and non-ballasted track - Rail Magazine

A high proportion of existing high speed tracks have been constructed using ballast. Several such systems have now been in operation for many years, including ballasted high-speed tracks in Belgium (SNCB), France (SNCF), Germany (DB), China (MOR) and parts of the network in Japan (CJR/EJR/WJR). PROS

How the HSTs are being transformed for Scottish services

How the HSTs are being transformed for Scottish services. 13/02/2018 in Current Trains. Was this article useful? 19 people found this useful This article was published in RAIL 836, which is available digitally on Android and iPad. One of the critical elements of the Abellio ScotRail franchise is the commitment to improve the passenger experience between the country’s seven cities. Currently ...

UK's stored locomotives - Rail Magazine

On January 16 2013 there were 343 stored locomotives. Twelve months ago there were 389 stored, suggesting there are now 46 fewer stored locomotives. However, that is not strictly the case, because last year 29 of those locomotives were scrapped or preserved. Over the year a further 147 were stored

Latest Issue - Rail

Latest Issue . Northern’s problems: Train operator says underlying problems will remain even if Arriva loses franchise . ALSO IN THIS ISSUE. Eight Class 143 Pacers to remain with Great Western Railway into 2020. Williams Review chairman says rail needs a 30-year plan. EXCLUSIVE interview with British Transport Police Chief Constable Paul Crowther . Vivarail and West Midlands Railway working ...

Sidings returning to use in Norwich - Rail Magazine

Network Rail is returning Victoria Sidings, Trowse, near Norwich on the right to operational condition. They are to be used for storing vehicles leased by Greater Anglia when new trains are delivered. GA must retain stock until the end of its lease period as a contingency. Last used in the early

What if these lost lines hadn’t closed at all?

I'm opposed to hs2 because of its escalating cost,length of time and the fact when its finished it will be like concorde the majority wont be able to afford to use it.except for Mr barrister who wants to fall out of bed in Birmingham at 7am x stroll thro the front doors of the old bailey at 9..this isn't nimbyism spend the money repairing beatings fuel up .

Waverley Line…next stop Carlisle?

There’s something deeply satisfying about living in a time where we are talking about railway re-openings, rather than line closures. Such is the transformation in the fortunes of Britain’s Railways since the turn of the century, we are now looking at a lot more than simply station re-openings, but at a very substantial piece of new railway.

Timetable for withdrawal of Class 91s

The first LNER Class 91s will be withdrawn from the end of July. It has been speculated that 91108/120/132 will be the first three withdrawn, followed by 91103 in August, with the process then starting again at the end of January. The final two (91105/109) would go on June 30 2020. LNER spokesman

Mail by rail - still

Once upon a time, your bills and letters would have been packed into mail sacks, piled up on station platforms in the dead of night, and loaded onto trains for sorting en route to their destination. But laden mail trolleys have not clattered their way along station platforms for ten years now. The

UPDATED: HST power cars due off-lease

The FULL list of where HST power cars are due to be used, and what '43s' will go off-lease.

Forty-three BRAND NEW trains stored

Forty-three brand new trains were stored at secure locations awaiting entry into traffic as RAIL 883 went to press on July 10. That figure comprises 34 nine-car Class 345s for Crossrail, three Class 745s and six Class 755s for Greater Anglia, totalling 366 vehicles. Twenty-nine of the Class 345s are

Class 195 - Rail Magazine

Class 195. Network 10 Oct. New trains for Northern's Chester-Leeds route. Network 9 Sep. FROM THE ARCHIVES: Northern revises date for introduction of CAF trains. RAIL Features 9 Sep. FROM THE ARCHIVES: On their way to Northern. Network 9 Sep. FROM THE ARCHIVES: Northern unveils new £500 million diesel and electric trains. Network 3 Sep. Skipton and Blackpool to welcome new Northern EMUs ...

No rest for the '91s' - Rail Magazine

Every day they go about their business. Reliability could be better, but the Class 91s cause little fuss. Each day 26 are in traffic (from a fleet of 31), accumulating a total daily mileage of 28,058 miles for the rostered duties Monday-Thursday (an average of 1,079 miles each) and 28,304 on a

Welcome to RAIL Business Events

Welcome to RAIL Business Events . Since 1981 RAIL has been designed to be the first choice for anyone interested in today’s railway, whatever their reason. RAIL’s second-to-none news coverage is given context by its top-quality opinion, comment and analysis pieces from Britain’s leading expert commentators.

ScotRail targets further electrification schemes

The five years from 2019 could feature more wiring in Scotland, with ScotRail Alliance Managing Director Alex Hynes telling RAIL: “I’d love to see more electrification - Stirling to Perth, East Kilbride and the Edinburgh South Suburban.”. Hynes acknowledged that the East Coast Main Line would need work to increase its capacity, as more operators plan trains to and from Scotland.

Exeter-Waterloo: a vital rail artery

Catch a train for London at Exeter St Davids, and you can leave the Devon station in two completely opposite directions yet still arrive at the capital on a direct service. The trains heading north before swinging east are more heavily used, because they take only around two hours and use High Speed

First D-Train with Transport for Wales in March 2019

The first Class 230 D-Train for Transport for Wales should be ready by March 2019, with all five in traffic from May 2019. Speaking exclusively to RAIL at Rail Live on June 21, Vivarail Chairman Adrian Shooter said that parts for the trains are being ordered. The driving vehicles will be fitted with batteries, while the centre car will have four gensets.

Autumn start for TPE’s new locomotive-hauled Mk 5A stock

The first Class 68/Mk 5A trains for TransPennine Express will enter traffic this autumn, the operator confirmed on April 12. TPE unveiled the first set of five coaches at the Velim test track in the Czech Republic. Invited guests were able to sample the interiors of the CAF-built stock, and it will