Testing underway on new Greater Anglia trains

755404 on test in Velim on September 6. GREATER ANGLIA.

Testing of the bi-mode Class 755s for Greater Anglia is underway across Europe, while the first 12-car Class 745 electric multiple unit for Stansted Express is also about to start tests.

Built by Stadler in Bussnang (Switzerland), the trains will be used for type-testing ahead of entering traffic from the middle of next year.

Stadler is building 20 12-car Class 745s for Greater Anglia - ten for Stansted Express and ten for the Great Eastern Main Line. The first set has completed its initial testing and commissioning at Stadler’s own facility in Erlen (Switzerland).

Meanwhile, testing of the various Stadler trains for GA continues across Europe. As well as the 20 Class 745s, the Swiss manufacturer is also building 14 three-car Class 755/3s and 24 four-car Class 755/4s. These bi-mode units were unveiled in May (RAIL 853), and will be used on rural routes.

Testing of the trains is under way in Faurei (Romania) and Halle (Germany), as well as at Velim and Erlen. GA spokesman Juliette Maxam told RAIL: “Each site has its own area of specialism, and carrying out testing simultaneously at several places means that production can be undertaken as efficiently as possible.”

Maxam said that the first ‘755/4’ will be transported to the UK in either late October or early November, with the exact date still to be confirmed. The first ‘745’ will arrive early next year (this will be a Stansted train).

“These dates could change slightly, depending on the outcome of the type-testing carried out in other test centres,” she added.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 06/09/2018 19:37

    You meant 10 for Stansted Express and 10 for London-Norwich Intercity with possibly extra Class 745s to be built. Plus with Class 755 Bi-Mode also to be on test run before both Class 745 and Class 755 units are to be transported by rail from Europe into the UK before they enter service from late this year or early next year. With the Class 153 & Class 156 cascaded to Northern. Class 170 to KeliosAmey Wales. And the Class 317 & Class 321 EMUs to be sent for storage. Aswell the Class 360 Desiro and Class 379 Electrostar. Which I think that Class 360 could be cascaded to KeliosAmey Wales or Northern. And the Class 379 could be cascaded to ScotRail or KeliosAmey Wales.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 07/09/2018 11:52

    My suggestion is that these could enter service from December this year. But if they are to enter service in October then it will be good to see them in East Anglia as more will be coming throughout the rest of 2018 and into 2019.

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