Greater Anglia claims performance highs

Greater Anglia says that in the four-week period from March 3-31, punctuality in parts of its network was the highest in years.

Overall, the Public Performance Measure (PPM) for the operator in the period was 91%, but that of inter-city trains between Norwich and London was 93.1% - one of the top four months for performance in the last 20 years.

On the Great Eastern Main Line between Liverpool Street and Essex and Suffolk, the PPM of 93.6% is said to have been the best for almost six years. Punctuality on its rural lines was 90.5%, but on some routes higher than 96%. However, performance was 86.7% on the West Anglia route to Cambridge, and 78.3% on Norwich-Cambridge - the lowest of any of its routes.

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  • Jon Jones - 15/04/2019 18:34

    Perhaps greater Anglia would like to run trains at weekends which they haven't done all year. They've even cancelled all trains for a week in May between southend and wickford meaning thousands of commuters can't get to work. Useless bunch.

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  • Marcus Shingler - 15/04/2019 22:06

    This is a joke, I use later Anglia every day! They are always late but the figures are cooked by allowing them 15 minute delays on 30 minute journeys! Absolute joke and con!!

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