GALLERY: D-Train interiors

Vivarail’s Class 230 carried its first passengers on the national network on June 21, as part of Rail Live 2017.

Three-car 230001, a diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU), operated shuttles between Honeybourne and Long Marston, across a usually freight-only 3.5-mile long branch. 

Vivarail chairman Adrian Shooter said that feedback was “almost universally positive” regarding the trains, and told RAIL that a 60mph test was now planned for the main line. 

Shooter said that prospective customers were interested in the original interiors, as fitted to the driving vehicles, and that these could work as capacity-boosting trains. 

He confirmed there has been a lot of interest in the metro concept, which offers four doors per vehicle, as this potentially offers dwell times of only 30 seconds due to the double-width doors. 

The centre-car of 230001 was fitted with various seats and tables, as well as charging points and a universal toilet. Any final decision on interiors will made by the customer that orders the trains. 

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  • To read about the Battery D-Train concept, read RAIL 830, published on July 5. 

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  • AndrewJGwilt1989 - 30/06/2017 22:42

    The interiors on the Class 230 D-Trains does look much nicer and yes Vivarail has done a fabulous job on converting the former London Underground D78 Stocks to have a new lease of life away from the London Underground that the D78 Stocks has served the District Line for nearly 40 years.

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