Class 745s to enter traffic soon with Greater Anglia - but there could be a Mk 3 derogation

Stadler Class 745s could enter traffic on the Norwich-London Liverpool Street route next month, says Greater Anglia.

GA Managing Director Jamie Burles explained that subject to final certification and approvals, the plan is for ten sets to be in traffic by the end of the year, which would enable the Class 90s and Mk 3s to be withdrawn.

He added that should that not be possible, then GA would seek a derogation to operate the non-compliant stock for a short period next year. They are missing Passenger Information Systems.

GA Joint Project Manager Steve Mitchell told RAIL that it would be possible for the Class 745/1s that are destined for Stansted Express to be used on the Great Eastern expresses initially, running alongside Class 745/0s. This is because the ‘379s’ currently used on the Stansted route already meet disability requirements.

Currently there are six Class 745/0s and four Class 745/1s in the UK (745001-745006, 745101-745104).

  • For the FULL story on Greater Anglia's new trains including the Bombardier Class 720s and the latest on the '755' fleet, read RAIL 888, out now.

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  • Silent Observer - 25/09/2019 14:59

    Nice to see this operator covering all the bases and having a back up plan. A bit of common sense and forethought in today's railway.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 30/09/2019 04:12

    But do you know when the Class 745 flirts will begin operating on the London-Norwich intercity and Stansted Express routes. With the exception of retaining the Class 379s or to send the Class 379s elsewhere or to be sent for storage.

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    • AndrewJG8918 - 30/09/2019 04:22

      And with the Class 153, Class 156, Class 170 and Class 360 to be replaced and cascaded elsewhere. And Class 90 Mk3 could also be sent elsewhere or to be stored.

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