LNER's retro High Speed Train bound for storage

The High Speed Train repainted for the LNER farewell tour on December 18-21 will not join other sets in being leased to East Midlands Railway.

A source confirmed that once the set had been used for its final services, it would instead be sent to Potters Group, Ely, for warm storage pending a decision on its future.

The power cars (43206 and 43312) have been repainted at Craigentinny depot, while seven Mk 3s have been repainted at Wabtec Rail, Doncaster (from set EC56).

Nine sets are due to move from LNER to EMR, to replace the latter’s own HST fleet. Six of the sets transferring belong to Angel Trains, while the other three moving are Porterbrook HSTs.

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  • VT Fan 3 - 23/12/2019 18:40

    The LNER HST’s future could be at CrossCountry on the Penzance and Plymouth to Scotland routes alongside the MK4/DVT ‘Intercity 225’ coaches with an electro-diesel locomotive. This will free up the Voyagers to other routes replacing the aging Turbostars.

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    • Chris J - 03/01/2020 12:44

      Absolutely! Great idea lets get the HST's working on Cross Country. As a regular traveller between Birmingham and Penzance it is becoming a joke especially in the summer when Standing room only prevails between Birmingham and Bristol Great to see this come to fruition!

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