First Stadler Class 93 arrives in UK from Spain

The first of the new Class 93 tri-mode locomotives (93001) arrived from Spain at Portbury docks in Bristol on June 27. 

From there, it moved by road to the HNRC facility at Worksop on June 30. 

Ordered by Rail Operations (UK) Ltd (ROL), under a framework agreement with manufacturer Stadler for up to 30 examples, the initial build at the Valencia factory will be for ten. A second unit is reported to be undergoing trials at the test facility in Faure (Romania). 

The Class 93 is based on Stadler’s Class 88 design, of which ten are in operation with Direct Rail Services.

But whereas the ‘88s’ are bi-mode units that can be powered from either electricity drawn from a 25kV overhead line supply or a 950hp Caterpillar diesel engine, the ‘93s’ are being fitted with lithium batteries that can offer a third power source. 

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  • David Clinton - 19/07/2023 21:41

    Can not wait to see them in service

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  • Alan McMillan - 20/07/2023 08:52

    I always think it's the height of madness when I see a locomotive or other piece of rolling stock being transported by road.

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  • dave59 - 29/07/2023 20:30

    But the FOC's are using deisels under the wires because its cheaper! NR and the DfT need to get a grip of this and if necessary subsidise use of electric traction.

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