Complaints for rail and bus combined

Passengers unhappy with both rail and bus services are now able to register their complaints with a single organisation.

The Rail Ombudsman and Bus Users UK are jointly looking at a range of new services including workshops on complaints handling and at public events - particularly in areas where there are no transport interchanges.

The Rail Ombudsman has existed since 1992, while Bus Users UK is an independent campaigning charity, part of the Sustainable Transport Alliance that works to promote the benefits of public, shared and active travel. 

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  • Güntürk Üstün - 17/02/2022 10:04

    Thus, by joining forces, the Rail Ombudsman and Bus Users UK have set out on the road to improve services for public transport users and to raise awareness of Alternative Dispute Resolution, helping all passengers and operators to work out complaints. Dr. Güntürk Üstün

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  • Michael Gove's Cat - 23/02/2022 12:13

    Mike the headless chicken (1945, Colorado) had more oversight and bite than the current rail ombudsman (ltd) whose registered office is also the furniture ombudsman (ltd)... So, if your on the 13:38 to Norwich, or the top of the wardrobe... when the whole things falls apart, they'll claim your complaint is out of scope.

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