Direct Rail Services disposes of heritage locomotives

Direct Rail Services, the rail arm of Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS), has announced details of its much-anticipated plan to sell off some of its heritage fleet of locomotives and coaching stock.

Locomotives offered for sale as part of its fleet modernisation and green agenda are 20301-305/
308/309/312, 37606/703, 57302/311. Disposal of the Class 20s ends DRS’s association with the type, which extends back over 25 years to the company’s first traction acquisitions.

The items, which also included Mk 2 coaching stock, were offered through an online competitive bidding process which had a closing date of November 11 2021. In addition, a selection of Class 20, ‘57’ and Mk 2 coach parts were available for purchase.

All the locomotives were in the XSDP pool on TOPS, which is a computer designation for items which are in long-term storage or marked for future sale. Of the ‘37’ and ‘57’ examples, each locomotive was assessed based on its current condition and the requirements of the business.

“This is an important first step for DRS as we look at our fleet and our plans for the future,” said NTS Deputy CEO and Rail Director Chris Connelly.

“The Class 20s are really special engines to us, having been with us from the start. But things move on and a modern, dynamic rail freight operator needs a modern fleet to match our ambitions. This is the first phase, and there will be more Class 37s and some ‘57s’ offered in the future as we move towards our net carbon zero ambitions.”

DRS said all bidders have been contacted, but at this stage the company does not wish to comment on the identity of those who have been successful. It added that a list in circulation is inaccurate.

To read more, see RAIL 948. 

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  • Maran rusuk - 16/01/2022 10:56

    The familiar purring of class 37s still heard often but rarer is the whirring sound of class 20s vanishing both sounds heard before loco type seen

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  • B wooster - 16/01/2022 15:44

    All this green panic won't make any difference the world population increases faster than any co2 savings thus creating more co2 than you can save !!!

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  • John - 17/01/2022 06:58

    Strange, seeing they actually own just 57004. All other 57's belong to Porterbrook Leasing!

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  • Helen Kaye Hutchins - 17/01/2022 22:10


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