EMR offers help on train basics

Non-English-speaking teenagers who have never ridden on a train have been taken on special outings from Nottingham to Sleaford and Skegness by East Midlands Railway.

Fifteen youngsters lacking confidence and social skills have been supported by the National Citizen Service and the Poacher Line Community Rail Partnership. They have learned such basics as buying tickets, reading timetables, and finding the correct platform.

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  • Güntürk Üstün - 18/12/2021 10:05

    According to EMR management, many of the group [Nottinghamshire-based students who don’t speak English as their first language] have never been on a train before or been to a station. So being a part of a such project helped them to understand how to use the rail network and not to feel overwhelmed or intimidated when using the train as a means of transport. Long live the "railway fever" which hurts no one in all seasons (the cold and wet winter obviously included)! Dr. Güntürk Üstün

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