Call for better rail accessibility

Accessibility features, both physically in railway stations and online, “often feel like a bolted-on afterthought and are therefore not always fully functional”.

That’s the claim of Molly Watt, accessibility and usability consultant at digital products and services designer Nexer Digital, who says the railway needs to be made more accessible.

“Accessibility issues are not simply limited to physically getting around the train or station, but run deep in the sector,” she said.

“Staff are often not adequately trained to understand special needs, and digital offerings lack fundamental inclusive features.

“As the world reopens, rail providers must make improvements so that people with disabilities are not excluded from enjoying life post-lockdown and travelling on trains to do so.”

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  • Stephan Anderson - 25/07/2021 08:23

    instead of a ramp for wheel chairs which has to be stowed on board trains - why not have a ramp built in under the floor that can be pulled out and dropped onto the platform then be pushed back under. Would be quicker too.

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    • Lee Kavanagh - 27/07/2021 09:33

      Differing platform heights makes this a design challenge but there is something similar appearing on the Class 745 and 755 for Greater Anglia.

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  • M Stovin - 02/08/2021 15:55

    Passengers ..customers.people..should be able to travel on a train. Stop making excuses about accessibility, platform heights, not enough trained staff or any staff. Build for the many not the few. So much time, and effort designing never ending new trains then discussing why we can’t get on them.

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