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5 ways Britain's railway stations could look in the future

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) has published a series of images showing how Britain’s railway stations could look in the future, to back 2015’s publication of its Vision for Stations.

Developed by architect bpr, the pictures show how railway stations could be developed to better meet passenger and community needs. Among the concepts explored is the removal of the divide between the railway and the community it serves, with a stronger emphasis on stations being somewhere people can spend more time. 

  • For much more on these plans, read RAIL 811, published on October 12. 

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  • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 04/10/2016 07:46

    New station in Essex are planned to be built in 3-5 years. Beaulieu is one of the new railway stations that will be built and to open in 2021 with new platforms and a new P&R facility with new homes being built as new homes is still on the increase and more people are using trains to commute into work. Plus HS2 is also planned to be built with new and upgraded stations to cope with huge volumes of passengers and HS2 is to be constructed in sections towards Birmingham and Manchester then extended to Northern England and connections to WCML and ECML towards Scotland or HS2 could reach the Borders and eventually Glasgow and Edinburgh providing better services and to connect those cities with continental Europe.

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  • claydon william - 05/10/2016 00:51

    What we can all be confident of is the increasingly eye-watering costs of new station builds. Its high time we looked to our young engineers to come up with cheaper designs for new station builds using re-cycled materials, and the concept of 'bulk-purchase' rather than new projects being individual contracts. Go look at any new station; its made from steel, aluminium, ballast, concrete, glass, old bus shelters and plastics; all re-cycleable materials. We ought to be launching a 'ministerial challenge' to our young designers and engineers, to come up with modular designs for a 'production run' of 20-50 new stations costing well under £1M each.

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  • anna j dixon - 16/11/2016 22:04

    what's wrong with traditional looking building they served the Victorians well for over 150years and they fit with other buildings around there is nothing wrong old and modern design match together

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