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Major improvements to trains and services needed for East Midlands - EMT

EMT 43073 at Nottingham on July 29. RICHARD CLINNICK.

East Midlands Trains says decisions on the acquisition of new rolling stock and service enhancements need to be taken now, to speed up and improve services.

At the launch of the new A Railway for Growth report, published on September 16, EMT Managing Director Jake Kelly said: “We are at a critical crossroads for rail services in the East Midlands, and we have a great opportunity to work together now to secure the improvements needed for this railway.

“The message we are hearing from local stakeholders is very clear. If we are to build on the big progress made in recent years, we need to take action to ensure communities and the economy in the East Midlands benefit from further improvements and we don’t lose out to other regions.

“While there are major improvement plans with HS2 and electrification that we fully support, the proposals we have put together with our stakeholders would deliver fast improvements for our customers and communities while offering value for money for the taxpayer.

“We need to be loud and proud about the improvements that we would like to see and that our customers deserve. Now is the time to ensure that new trains and extra carriages can be secured for this rail network.”

  • To read more on this report, and what exactly is being called for in the East Midlands, read RAIL 810, published on September 28.

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  • BigTone - 19/09/2016 11:59

    I've been saying this for a few years now. A dozen 5 coach Class 802s will help out with the long haul runs. eg Liverpool to Norwich (allowing a cascade of class 158s to local services), Extend London to Nottingham to Lincoln with 1 intermediate stop at Newark interlaced with VTEC services to Lincoln. Grab any dmu's coming off lease to strengthen local services. All this will help until electrification happens

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  • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 20/09/2016 00:17

    With the possibility of the electrification for the Midland Main Line to get the go ahead at some stage along with new Bi-Mode and Electric trains to be built and GTR Thameslink could extend from Bedford to Kettering and Corby providing services to Brighton, Wimbledon and the Thameslink routes.

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  • BigTone - 21/09/2016 11:13

    My suggestions are for "the now" as the franchise is incredibly short of rolling stock. For the future bi-mode units for local services would be very handy (eg Leicester to Lincoln, Matlock to Newark Castle). At the moment, Newak Northgate to Grimsby, Lincoln to Peterborough and Lincoln to Doncaster are mostly run by single Class 153's and at peak times passengers are being turned away. I am interested in what EMT has planned as I live in Lincoln

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    • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 24/09/2016 00:10


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  • BigTone - 09/10/2016 01:53

    Just seen in the latest "The Railway Magazine" that EMT are looking seriously at bi mode Inter City units and also saying the Liverpool Norwich services are overcrowded (2 * 158's for part of the journey, single 158 from Nottingham to Norwich)

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