Balham victim hit head on signal gantry

The Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) says Bluebell Railway volunteer Simon Brown died when he struck his head on a signal gantry near Balham on August 7 (RAIL 807).

Initial investigations suggest that Brown was standing at the guard’s door on the third coach of the Class 442 electric multiple unit, and that the train was travelling at approximately 60mph. A notice above the window said: “Do not lean out of window when train is moving.”

The gantry Brown’s head struck is 700 metres south of Balham station and spans all four tracks. The distance from the middle of the droplight has been calculated at about 260mm.

RAIB’s full investigation will examine the factors that affected the clearance between the train and the signal gantry, and the measures in place to control the risks from leaning out of train windows.

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  • bob - 01/09/2016 19:07

    the victim should have not been in the guards compartment in which is used as the drivers compartment

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  • keith marsh - 13/09/2016 21:21

    The Class 442 was designed (at the then Union's insistence) with a small guard / train managers office in vehicle 3 of a 5 car unit. It hasn't been used for it's intended purpose since leaving the Bournemouth Line services. It would seem that this unfortunate gentleman had no right of entry into that compartment - the ONLY one that has a droplight window.

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