Light rail use soars to record levels in England

Light rail systems in England recorded their highest ever passenger figures in 2015-16, according to the Department for Transport (DfT). Overall, 252 million passenger journeys were made on light rail systems, a 5.8% increase on 2014-15.

The busiest systems were Docklands Light Railway (116.9 million journeys and a 6.1% rise on 2014-15) and Tyne & Wear Metro (40.3 million journeys and a 5.7% increase in passenger numbers). Manchester Metrolink was third in the table (34.3 million passengers, up 10.1%), followed by London Tramlink (27 million passengers). 

  • For more on this, read RAIL 803, published on June 22.

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  • Mark Doran - 13/06/2016 18:58

    This surely cannot be historically accurate. Most major cities had extensive tramway networks until the 1950s.

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    • FrankH - 14/06/2016 00:47

      Maybe, maybe not. But in the 50's people weren't as obsessed with % increases as they are today. They had more important things to spend their time on.

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