Huddersfield gets £500,000 makeover

TransPennine Express and Network Rail have spent more than £500,000 refurbishing Huddersfield station.

Three new glass waiting rooms, improved car park lighting, a cycle rack with spaces for 54 bikes and a First Class lounge have been installed at the Yorkshire station. The lounge is the first at the station for 60 years, and the first on TPE’s network.

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  • FrankH - 13/06/2016 12:26

    Has anything been done to the rest of the station or is that it ? 54 bike spaces seems an exact number, was it researched or had they just enough space for 9 racks holding 6 bikes each ? Glass waiting rooms on the platform, standard class, lounge, first class. Why didn't they utilise unused rooms for standard class as per first or was it more cost effective or just plain cheaper to put 3 tiled conservatories down and call them glass waiting rooms. My neighbour does the driver rosters for Virgin WCML, I'll mention what a nice glass waitng room he has at the back of his house and wait for the reaction.

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