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RAIL ARCHIVE: TransPennine 185s

In September 2006, Siemens unveiled the first Class 185 for the TransPennine Express franchise. Nearly a decade later, bigger trains with more capacity have been announced, with 29 of the Class 185s moving away from TPE. This is the coverage of the ‘185’ launch…

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  • David - 05/06/2016 15:29

    A minor error there in your text: 29 of the 51 Class 185s will remain with TPE, with the remaining 22 being returned to the leasing company.

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  • Paul S - 06/06/2016 13:20

    I travel on these everyday and other than the odd door failure when the train comes into a station with a cant away from the platform (Garforth) they are very good and reliable. Maybe northern could take the 29 that are going back. Run them on the York- Blackpool and Leeds - Morecombe service let the passengers have some comfort

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