Campaigners call for Borders Railway improvements

ScotRail 158869 at Tweedbank on November 25 2015. RICHARD CLINNICK.

The Campaign for Borders Rail is urging better trains and more reliable infrastructure on the new Edinburgh-Tweedbank railway, following train and signal failures in April.

CBR Vice Chairman Robert Drysdale says the Class 158 diesel multiple units that ScotRail operates on the route “have a reputation for breaking down”, and claims that “several” signal failures have brought all services to a standstill.

Network Rail Scotland spokesman Nick King acknowledged that there had been failures of axle counters and faults with fibre optic cables in April, but said the company has not experienced repeat failures of specific pieces of equipment. 

  • For more on this, read RAIL 801, published on May 25.

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  • BigTone - 11/05/2016 20:47

    Get the knitting up ASAP, double track throughout, and get extending to Carlisle. Then upgrade the GSW route

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    • FrankH - 11/05/2016 21:23

      I think the GSW route might be done after Lamington. Hawick is as far as the Borders line will ever go after which there's 41 miles of nothing to Carlisle. If they want reliable spacious units they can have a shed load of pacers, the excitement of bobbling along will be exhilerating.

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  • R Trotter - 05/07/2016 18:07

    That's three times in a row now that cancellations have disrupted my journey on Borders rail. 1. Stuck at Tweedbank for an hour then transported by taxi to Gala where another wait. 2. Train to Edinburgh cancelled making me late. 3. Two trains to Tweedbank cancelled as I waited with grandchildren for day out plus much confusion at Tweedbank on homework journey involving being asked to change trains twice. What's going on? I think I'll go back to bus.

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