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MPs to probe passenger experiences

The House of Commons Transport Select Committee is to conduct a series of inquiries into the future of Britain’s railways, and is inviting written submissions on how to improve the passenger experience.

It follows the super-complaint by consumer body Which? and the Transport Focus National Rail Passenger Survey. The committee is seeking submissions on provision of passenger information, ticketing (including smart tickets and part-time season tickets), on-train facilities including WiFi and power sockets, performance measures, and methods of holding operators to account for poor performance.

Oral evidence on one of the committee’s other inquiries about technology is likely to be heard in May, while future investigations will consider rail safety, governance and financing, and franchising. A call for evidence on the latter is expected shortly.

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  • Notts Railman - 29/04/2016 14:20

    The DfT will do well to remember that GTR was ready to implement "part time season tickets" in September 2015. It was the DfT itself which blocked it, because of the revenue risk.

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  • Ian Scholes - 29/04/2016 18:59

    Maybe they'll sort out and standardise ticketing.Nobody seems to understand the system including booking office staff

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  • Richard Pill - 30/04/2016 16:40

    I hope they consider how a 'Leisure Line' can fulfill it's potential by being closed Sunday and Bank Holidays. I wish there was more of a vision for the Martson Vale Railway - freight line born via Forder's Sidings, better rolling stock, tea trolley, line guides - the list goes on.

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