GTR statement at the conclusion of high court proceedings

A spokesman for Govia Thameslink Railway said:

“We are pleased that the Court has granted us an injunction that ASLEF must not induce our drivers to refuse to operate the new 12 car trains. Gatwick Express services have operated without conductors operating the doors for seventeen years, so we were never able to understand why the ASLEF Union objected to the operation of these new trains in the same way.

“The new trains will offer significant benefits to passengers including a much better travelling environment. We plan that by June 50% of weekday services will operate with 12 cars and we will now commence their introduction into service.

“We took this action with great reluctance but were left with no alternative by the approach of the ASLEF Union. In respect of the other disputes presently ongoing, we hope this ruling today will influence the trade unions to come back to the negotiating table and avoid going ahead with any unnecessary and damaging strike action on this or any other issue.”

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  • Dennis Peter Pocock - 25/04/2016 10:18

    i know of a case where a mother and her children were involved on an incident where the doors closed too quickly, and she had put the younger child and dog on the platform, returned to get the older child and buggy off the train, and the doors closed... And this was on a 4 car train...Sorry, but I'm with the drivers on this one; there should be drivers and guards on these trains!

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  • Martin - 25/04/2016 13:47

    GTR are the most irresponsible and money orientated operated ever to have operated a train franchise. They put their staff, customers and safety after profit. They use bulling tactics and the pro Tory press machine to spread pure lies. The heads in charge of this absolute embarrassment to the rail industry should be sacked. Unfortunately this won't happen as they are just puppets being used by the government to reach its agenda of bringing down the unions and subjugate the people of this country.

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