NR could sell off telecoms operation

Network Rail could be forced to sell off its telecommunications operations, under plans being considered by the Department for Transport.

The company currently operates a range of safety-critical systems, including Global Standards for Mobile - Railway (GSMR) for signalling and communication between signallers and trains, as well as the National Radio Network, Cab Secure Radio and Radio Electronic Token Block systems.

It also operates a fixed line network, including telephones on the lineside to allow train drivers to contact signallers, telephone links from level crossings for public use, CCTV systems for Driver Only Operation trains, and voice recorders for monitoring safety-critical voice communications.

The DfT is placing NR under greater scrutiny following engineering overruns at Christmas, and does not regard telecommunications activities as a core activity. Should an auction of the telecommunications network take place, some reports suggest it could raise hundreds of millions of pounds for the Government.

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  • J Talbot - 13/04/2015 23:34

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way network rail are operating, yes there have been some over runs on what are exceedingly complex schemes to manage in short periods of time and within budget. A big no should be said to any communications sell off signalling is the most core activity network rail has which numpty thinks its not ??? we go nowhere without signals and i dread what would happen if its moved away from network rail control.Nothing on the railways is better just because its privatised......infact private rail costs us more than having a nationalised system when one sees how other countrys manage we should be looking at saving money by letting it all come back in house or at least have Government come out and justify the huge amount they subsidise the private sector for already.

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