VIDEO: Pedestrians risking lives at Grays level crossing

Pedestrians have been seen taking dangerous risks at Grays level crossing in Essex.

CCTV cameras captured people jumping off the platform or walking along the track, risking serious injury or death. In the last six months, 260 incidents have been recorded at the level crossing.

Network Rail, Thurrock Council and the British Transport Police are promoting level crossing safety in order to reduce the number of incidents. They will raise awareness by increasing patrols, placing additional warning signs by the crossing and hosting an awareness day.

Network Rail Area Director, Steve Cassidy said: “It may be tempting to shave a minute or two off your journey, but this is a busy line and people are putting their lives at risk by walking on the track or trying to beat the barriers.”

Watch the videos below to see recent CCTV footage at Grays level crossing.



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  • Sunny Saini - 26/04/2015 14:52

    Steve Cassidy, we need to raise barriers much higher. Even platform need to raise much higher,I know how dangerous it is for teenagers even youths risking their Lives.Rail Network need to learn to learn how to raise Barriers higher enough all I want railway crossing to be Safe with barriers raise much higher

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