IEA proposes concrete busways

Converting some rail routes into busways on which express coaches would run would reduce the cost of commuter fares by 40%, according to a report from a right-wing think-tank.

Allowing busways on some commuter routes into London could also mean more passengers getting a seat at peak times, the report from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) says.

Its Paving over the tracks: A better use of Britain’s railways? report envisages 150 express coaches, each seating 75 people, operating on commuter rail routes in the morning rush hour.

But Campaign for Better Transport Chief Executive Stephen Joseph hit back, saying: “The IEA’s report is based on fantasy numbers and bears almost no relation to the real world. Turning popular and well-used commuter railways to busways simply would not result in the claimed economies or cuts in fares.”

  • For more on this story, see RAIL 768, published on February 18.

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  • John Rudkin - 03/02/2015 12:21

    Brilliant idea! What happens when a bus breaks down? A nice long queue of buses full of irate passengers unable to overtake! Where do these prats come from? Mars? Care in the community? More to the point who is paying their wages?

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  • Long Branch Mike - 03/02/2015 20:40

    If inter-city busways are such a great idea, why aren`t companies lining up at Parliament with busway proposals. According to the IEA figures, they'd be quite popular and profitable...

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