ScotRail receives more Class 385 EMUs

Almost half of ScotRail’s Class 385 electric multiple units are now north of the border, after four-car 385116 was delivered to Craigentinny on December 14.

That makes 33 EMUs now in Scotland, from an order of 70. To meet SR’s new December timetable plans, 31 of the Hitachi sets needed to be available.

Five of the 24 four-car EMUs on order are still to be delivered, with 385119-121 still at Newton Aycliffe, while 385101/102 are in Pistoia (Italy).

Still to come from Newton Aycliffe, as well as the four remaining four-car sets, are 30 three-car sets (385012/013/017-030/032/034-046), while 385001/002 are still in Pistoia.

A Hitachi spokesman told RAIL that the four Class 385s in Italy are having interiors installed at the facility, as well as post-production work. They had been used for network compatibility testing and type testing, with 385001 and 385102 used in Scotland, while 385002 and 385101 underwent tests in Velim (Czech Republic) and Germany.

Two of the EMUs will return to the UK at the start of February, while the other two will arrive in March. They will be the last to enter traffic.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 17/12/2018 18:01

    So that means ScotRail might aswell get rid of the hired Class 365s from next year. When more Class 385s are being delivered throughout this year and next year. Plus with Abellio to extend the franchise to 7-10 years which means 10 more additional Class 385s could be ordered if Abellio wins the Scottish rail franchise.

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  • AndrewJG8918 - 20/12/2018 01:27

    Apparently ScotRail might not order 10 more additional Class 385 3-Car units if Abellio doesn’t win the contract to extend the franchise from 2025 to 2032 or 2035 (7-10 years).

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  • JM Bodé - 30/05/2019 11:04

    On 19th May 2019, 385 001and 385 102 were in transit at Bozen/Bolzano in Italy, probably en rout to the UK via the Brenner pass

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