PICTURES: Greater Anglia seeks passenger views on new fleet designs

An artist's impression of a Greater Anglia five-car Aventra. GREATER ANGLIA.

Greater Anglia is seeking feedback from passengers on the 1,043 vehicles that it has on order from Bombardier and Stadler, and which will enter traffic from 2019.

The projects to design and construct the trains are progressing well, the company said on April 3. On its website, it has published artists’ impressions illustrating the internal layout and features of the trains, as well as the external livery.

GA said the design process has already incorporated feedback from passengers and stakeholders received during the franchise bidding and consultation process, as well as other suggestions made in recent months.

The fleet will include ten 12-coach inter-city trains for Norwich-London inter-city services, ten 12-coach Stansted Express trains for services between London and Stansted Airport, and 24 four-coach and 14 three-coach bi-mode trains for regional services across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. These fleets will be built by Stadler in Switzerland.

Additionally, 89 five-coach and 22 ten-coach Aventras for suburban services on the West Anglia Main Line and the Great Eastern Main Line are on order. Bombardier is building these trains at Derby Litchurch Lane.

  • To view the new designs and give feedback, customers should visit:
  • For more on the new trains, read RAIL 822.

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  • Azuma - 03/04/2017 23:53

    I hope that all the Class 321s from GA, including the 321 Renatus would go to a different operator in the Future. My money on them going to Arriva Trains Wales along with the Class 360s when the electrification is finished.

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  • AndrewG1989 - 04/04/2017 11:20

    So the Bombardier Aventra has been classified as Class 720 and will be formed as 5-Car and 10-Car units and will replace the Class 90's MK3 Intercity, Class 317's, Class 321's, Class 360's and Class 379's. Whilst the Stadler Flirt could be classified as Class 718, Class 719, Class 721 or Class 722. And are to be built as EDMU and EMU units to work on both electrified and non-electrified routes across East Anglia and are to be formed as 5-Car units that will replace the Class 317's, Class 321's, Class 360's and Class 379's EMU's and EDMU flirts to replace the Class 153's, Class 156's and Class 170's DMU's. In the next few years.

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  • William Laker - 05/04/2017 15:15

    Are Stadler seriously proposing only one door per carriage in their articulated Flirts? Are GA seriously proposing 3+2 seating with no spacers in the Bombardier trains, after all the fuss in recent Modern Railways articles? Will they ever learn?

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  • P. Reynolds - 09/04/2017 17:28

    Where are passengers to put luggage, and what about all the cycles cluttering trains into Cambridge? Poor layout with a huge toilet and narrow passage. No emergency escape doors.

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