Overhauls for LNER's remaining Class 91s and Mk 4s

Eversholt Rail, which owns the trains, has confirmed that 12 London North Eastern Railway Class 91s and the remaining Mk 4 coaches will undergo overhauls at Wabtec Rail, Doncaster.

LNER has replaced the vast majority of its Class 91/Mk 4 fleet with Hitachi Class 800/801 Azumas, and is restricting the older traction to London-York/Leeds/Skipton and Bradford routes. This helps with traction knowledge.

The operator revealed last year that it was in the market for additional trains to support the Azumas, and that having planned to dispense with all 31 Class 91s and 302 Mk 4s by June 2020, it is instead retaining 12 locomotives and seven rakes of coaches, plus two spares (65 coaches).

The ‘91s’ will undergo a G-exam that involves overhauling bogies, gearboxes, wheelsets, cardan shafts, compressors and traction motors. Reliability modifications are also planned.

The Mk 4 fleet will also undergo overhauls on bogies, couplers and doors, as well as an interior saloon and vestibule exam. The work should be complete in January 2022.

Class 91s and Mk 4s had been ordered to operate express services on the East Coast Main Line following its electrification. They entered traffic between 1988 and 1992.

  • For the FULL story, read RAIL 914, published on September 23, and available digitally from September 19.

  • For the FULL story on the final planned Class 91-hauled Anglo-Scottish train, read RAIL 914, published on September 23, and available digitally from September 19.


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  • New River - 26/02/2021 18:53

    We live near to the Bounds Green train cleaning facility. The 225 is the nosiest train ever and is a noise nuisance at night as it passes slowly through the training facility. I hope the refurbs will be able to mute the electric fan noises it produces!!

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    • Duncan Wilson - 16/02/2022 05:19

      If you don't want noise, don't move next to the railway in the first place, especially a depot. It's like moving next to a pub then asking for the pub to be shut down because of noise. Or, moving next to a church, and asking for the bell to be silenced to suit you. Stupid, no matter which way you look at it.

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