First GB Railfreight Ecofret wagons delivered

The first two GB Railfreight Ecofret triple-platform wagon sets, part of 17 secured with VTG Rail UK on a long-term lease, moved from Wabtec Rail Kilmarnock to Doncaster International Railport on November 12.

GBRf 47812 hauled the wagons south. The initial batch of frames for these wagons reached Kilmarnock two weeks ago, and Wabtec’s engineering team has subsequently been assembling the wagons onto bogies, and commissioning them for operational use.

This process will be repeated weekly until mid-January 2015, when the final Ecofret frames will have been delivered to the UK.

They are designed to maximise the number of 40-foot boxes that can be carried - the outer platforms are able to carry one 40ft container each, and the inner platform either one 40ft container or two 20ft containers.

For more on this, and other GB Railfreight stories, read RAIL 762, published on November 26.

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  • TC, Leeds - 13/11/2014 16:22

    When they left Killmarnoock, the brake rigging fell off and also had locked axle, had to return to works to be sorted out, apparently.

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