BR blue repaint for pioneer Class 313

Repainted 313201 stands inside Wolverton Works, displaying its newly applied British Rail blue and grey. GTR.


Govia Thameslink Railway and Beacon Rail have repainted 313201, the UK’s first-ever second-generation electric multiple unit, into British Rail blue and grey. Slight changes have been made to accommodate tonal contrast on doors, to meet accessibility requirements.

Built by BREL at York, the three-car EMU was released in 1976. Originally numbered 313001, it was initially used on the Great Northern electrified route from Moorgate. It now operates on the Coastway route.

The repaint was part of its C6 overhaul, which included work on its doors, air system and interior, as well as bodywork repairs. Its interior now meets accessibility guidelines.

Beacon Rail Director of Engineering Haydn Vaughan said: “We wanted to celebrate the heritage of this special train, so the re-livery made perfect sense.”

GTR Head of Fleet Production Simon Green said: “We’re pleased to be able to help Beacon Rail celebrate this important part of Britain’s railway heritage.”




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  • AndrewJGwilt1989 - 20/12/2017 17:07

    But the Class 313's used on Great Northern are to be replaced by the Class 717's and possibly some might be transferred to Southern.

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  • AndrewJGwilt1989 - 24/12/2017 00:29

    Some of the Class 313’s that are to be cascaded from Great Northern could operate on the West Coastway and East Coastway services and to work alongside the current Class 313’s that Southern should still retain their 19 Class 313’s. Plus operating as 3-Car and 6-Car formation on Brighton-Eastbourne, Brighton-Seaford, Brighton-Hastings and Ore, Brighton-Portsmouth & Southsea, and Portsmouth Harbour, Brighton-Southampton Central, Brighton-Eastleigh, Brighton-Bognor Regis and Brighton-Littlehampton services and 9-Car & 12-Car formation on Brighton-Portsmouth Harbour, Portsmouth & Southsea, Brighton-Southampton, Brighton-Eastbourne and Brighton-Lewis semi-fast/non-stop services.

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  • FrankH - 26/12/2017 15:05

    I wonder how many GTR are going to put through a C6 overhaul, unless they're planning to keep them until a cascade of newer stock is available.

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