Class 385 route introduction plans revealed

All 70 Class 385 electric multiple units for ScotRail will be accepted by December 2018, although not all may be in traffic by then.

Testing of the first ‘385’ in Scotland is scheduled to begin in October, with a second train joining it in November and a third in December. Testing will be conducted at night.

And ScotRail has confirmed the rollout plan for the £370 million fleet, which is currently being built by Hitachi. Driver training for ScotRail drivers is scheduled to start in March 2017, with approval secured for daytime running expected in May 2017.

The first line to receive the trains will be Edinburgh-Glasgow Queen Street via Falkirk High. This is currently being electrified, and the first ‘385s’ will begin operating passenger trains on it in autumn 2017. In the meantime, EMUs will begin operating on this route from this December - these will be Class 380s cascaded from Ayrshire routes.

By December 2017 all trains on the Edinburgh-Glasgow route are expected to be Class 385s. These will be a mix of three-car (46 are on order) and four-car (24 are on order) variants. SR said that by December 2018 eight-car trains will be introduced.

Class 385 route introduction

Edinburgh-Glasgow (via Falkirk High)         Autumn 2017

Glasgow-Cumbernauld-Falkirk Grahamston Early-mid 2018

Edinburgh-North Berwick        Spring 2018

Edinburgh/Glasgow-Dunblane/Stirling/Alloa  Late 2018

Glasgow Central-Newton/Neilston/Cathcart Circle Late 2018

Eight-car trains on Falkirk High route December 2018

Glasgow Central-Edinburgh (via Shotts)      2019

Note:  Class 385 introduction on the Shotts route is to be confirmed, depending upon electrification.

Source: ScotRail.

  • For more on this, read RAIL 795, published on March 2.

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  • Jim G. - 11/02/2016 19:07

    What is with these weird driver windows and headlight shapes for the 385s. Seems nothing more than a fashion statement, Something similar to the Class 380s would seem more appropriate, particularly if the two classes ever got coupled together.

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    • Colin Easton - 24/02/2016 20:55

      Should trains not have any sort of style?? Don't forget we've had wrapp around Windows on Metrovic loco's Clacton EMU's, little wardrobe Windows on southern slam door stock! And they had no lights at all!!

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  • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 12/02/2016 00:22

    In fairness. The Hitachi Class 385's and the Siemens Class 380's EMU's are 2 different trains that the Class 380's are currently operating passenger service whilst the Class 385's are to be built and are destined to be in passenger duties in 2017. Plus the Class 380's are formed as 3-car and 4-car trains and the Class 385's are formed as 3-car and 4-car trains.

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  • BigTone - 15/02/2016 18:47

    Andrew, you have given the similarities, not differences?

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    • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 17/02/2016 21:30

      Guess that you are right.

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