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EXCLUSIVE: Brand new Class 387s inside Bletchley

Four Class 387/2s stand inside Bletchley on December 14. GTR.Four Class 387/2s stand inside Bletchley depot on December 14, undergoing commissioning. The four-car electric multiple units will enter traffic with Gatwick Express next year.

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  • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 23/12/2015 01:10

    All 27 Class 387/2's will soon replace the Class 442's as Gatwick Express are having a upgrade and the Class 442's could be scrapped once the Class 387/2's are in service.

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  • James Miller - 27/12/2015 09:14

    I saw one on the West Coast Main Line happily speeding along. I assume it was using overhead power. So will they retain the pantographs for Gatwick? I suppose it could be sensible, as wouldn't a fleet of 387/2s be rather suitable for services to Manchester, Cardiff, East Midlands and Stansted Airports, when wires are everywhere. Put an IPEMU capability on the train and they could do Reading Gatwick, quicker than using Crossrail/Thameslink

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  • Iain Maitland - 17/01/2016 22:32

    Are there any first class seating on these 387/2, & how many? Are they segregated too?

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