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As lockdown restrictions ease and we start to consider travelling again, the future of cross-Channel operator Eurostar remains uncertain.
Eurostar is seeking financial support from the UK Government, citing higher access charges here as a reason.
The French Government has pledged to provide support for the operator, while £200 million has been provided by one of its shareholders, Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec (CDPQ) and Hermes Infrastructure.
Registered in the UK and supporting 3,000 jobs either with the business or in the supply chain, the company is, however, 55% owned by SNCF (French state rail), 40% by CDPQ/Hermes and 5% by SNCB (Belgian state railways).
So: Should the UK Government provide financial assistance to Eurostar?

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Catering for VivaRail's rebuilt D-Stock

Vivarail is proposing a D-Train buffet car design for the trains it is rebuilding from redundant London Underground stock.

The server is intended to supplement trolley services on mid- to long-distance commuter services.

WiFi on board the D-Trains will allow passengers to order drinks from their seats and then pick it up at the server. This is designed to work around train board servers containing relevant passenger and service information, so 

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  • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 16/09/2015 15:24

    Wi-Fi to be fitted onto the Class 230's can really help improve customer satisfaction and for passengers to get better internet whilst travelling on these new converted trains as they were the former London Underground D78 Stocks that served the District Line before the S7 Stocks took over the whole District Line routes.

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  • Iain AIRD - 19/09/2015 10:56

    Putting a Rolls Royce body on a Ford model 'T' will not make it ride like a Rolls Royce! Who will get these trains - Probably the North of England which is rapidly becoming a 'Heritage Railway' in its own right!

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  • Duncan Bhaltair Wilson - 27/09/2015 12:29

    Hope these "scrap heaps" stay well away from Hull. They're simply not welcome in Hull or anywhere as far as I can tell. There seams to be a few people out there that think these things are good. However its these same people that seam to think there opinion means that everyone likes them. What arrogant people they are. All they have to do is actually talk to the fare paying passenger to find out just how angry the majority are that they are been fobbed off once again.

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  • keven parker - 19/10/2015 13:32

    always amazed how negative people are in this country. I have seen the D trains in development at the Warwickshire factory and they look superb compared to the Pacers with modern engines, seating, lighting and suspension. Before people wade in and criticise perhaps they would wait to see the new trains with their own eyes. we should support british innovation rather than buying new german or Japanese trains.

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    • Michael Josiah - 22/11/2015 12:09

      Keven It is not the point. Northern Passengers a heartily sick of Southern Passengers getting new train after new train costing billions and the North gets old BREL casts offs from the 1980's. Even the Romford to Upminster line is getting a brand new Aventra Train. What a joke!!!

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