IN PICTURES: Inside TransPennine Express' Mk 5As

The Class 68-hauled Mk 5As will be formed of five coaches, plus the locomotive. The formation will be ‘68’+TF+TS+TS+TS+DTS. In Velim, the set was formed of 68021 Tireless, TF 11501, 12701, 12702, 12703, DTS 12801.

The Driving Trailer (DTS) is 22.37 metres long with 64 Standard Cass seats, and weighs 32.90 tonnes.

Next to the DTS is a TS, which is known as T2. This has 59 seats plus an area for bike and bulk storage (there are a further six tip-up seats, but these are not included in the overall seating figure). A trolley can be stowed here. T2 is fitted with a standard toilet. This coach weights 31.56 tonnes and is 22.2 metres long.


Next are two TS coaches (known as T3). These weigh 31.82 tonnes, measure 22.2 metres, and each have 69 seats. These also have standard toilets.

The final coach in the rake is the TF (known as T1). This is 32.67 tonnes and is 22.37 metres long. Like the DTS it is fitted with buffers. It has 30 First Class seats plus two wheelchair spaces. There is also a fully accessible toilet fitted to this coach, as well as catering facilities.

An at-seat refreshment trolley will be on-board with a hot water urn exchange unit in the kitchen area, which reduces the need to load/remove the trolley mid-journey or between trains.

Including the Class 68, the train is 131.84 metres long. It has a maximum speed of 100mph.

The coaches are fitted with CCTV forward and rear-facing in the saloon and vestibule.

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