MD Cheeseman leaves Hull Trains

Hull Trains is seeking a new Managing Director, following the departure of Louise Cheeseman on July 12 to run London’s buses.

Cheeseman, who rose through the ranks with London Docklands and Manchester Metrolink, has run the East Coast open access operation for FirstGroup since 2018. She oversaw the introduction of Class 802 bi-mode trains.

Andy Mellors, the company’s MD of Non-Franchised Businesses, will take charge while a successor is found.

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  • Steve Alston - 16/07/2021 11:51

    Ms Cheeseman was working as a director for RATP Metrolink during 2016-2017, when a number of serious issues occurred. Whilst I will give her credit for actually starting off working in frontline roles, indeed I remember her as a conductor, this itself baffles as to me why she would not take just five minutes to discuss with frontline staff some major issues which her department's managers had caused. Subsequently we observed- - two 'won' unfair dismissal employment tribunals, all over the papers - illegal deductions from staff wages all settled just hours before new court cases - one manager filmed discussing illegal methods to sack staff, this made the press - the death of a passenger killed by RATP-hired security staff and ultimately - loss of RATP Dev's contract with TfGM. At Hull Trains, she went on to recruit a (relocated) FirstGroup Operations Standards manager who at a previous firm in 2010, made claims 'X' happened to appeal a 'won' tribunal case, then after CCTV was played in court, he accepted "oh, so it didn't" then claimed he 'misremembered'. He also claimed the sacked employee had broken a 'strict company policy' which was discovered to be dated 5 weeks after the person was dismissed - so there was no policy - also claiming he 'misremembered'. Perjury in the employment courts rarely sees any jail or punishment it seems. Another former managing director who I was regularly at odds with did things the right way. He actually complained that he learns more from his frontline staff than he does from his middle managers and exec team. Speaking to everyone from cleaner to heads of department is essential in any senior role, and Louise not coming to speak to us was a foolish mistake.

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