UPDATED: HST power cars due off-lease

HST power cars to go off-lease

East Midlands Trains:    43043-050/052/054/055/058-061/064/066/073/075/076/081-083/089, 43423/465/467/468/480/484

Great Western Railway:       43002/004/009/010/017/018/020/022/023/025/027/029/053/056/063/069-071/078/079/086-088/091, 43156/159-162/165/171/172/174/180/185/190-193/195-197

Virgin Trains: 43206/208/238/239/251/257/272/274/277, 43290/295/296/299, 43300/302/305-320/367.

HST power cars to stay in passenger traffic (confirmed)

CrossCountry to retain: 43207/285, 43301/303/304/321/357/366/378/384

GWR to retain: 43005/016/024/040-042/092-094/097/098, 43122/153-155/158/170/186-189/192/194/198.

ScotRail to retain: 43003/012/015/021/026/028/030-037, 43124-152/163/164/168/169/175-177/179/181-183.

  • To read about the future of the EMT High Speed Trains and the possibility of a freight future for these power cars, read RAIL 849, available NOW.




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  • AndrewJGwilt1989 - 28/03/2018 22:07

    Network Rail has 1 Class 43 HST trainset which they use it as a "New Measurement Train". Which consists of 2 powercars and 5 Mk3 coaches. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Measurement_Train

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    • Ed Grabham - 06/04/2019 23:23

      We want to by a 43, runner or non runner, my son wants one. how Much do you reckon they’d be?

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