Brand new Class 66s delivered to Yorkshire

GBRf 66708 Jayne hauls 66777/776/779/778/773/774/775 through Severn Beach, with the 1045 Newport Docks-Doncaster Roberts Road, the very last new Class 66 convoy. MARK PIKE.

The final seven Class 66s to be delivered to the UK were taken to Doncaster Roberts Road on February 15.

The seven locomotives, 66773-66779, are the last Class 66s to be built for the UK. Changes in legislation regarding emissions means that no more can be built for this country. 
Having been unloaded on February 13, GB Railfreight 66708 Jayne hauled its classmates from Wales to South Yorkshire for commissioning. One locomotive, 66779, will be kept 'under wraps' until it is unveiled at the National Railway Museum on May 10. It is the 480th and final Class 66 to be built for the UK.
  • For much more on the delivery of these locomotives, read RAIL 795, published on March 2.

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  • Stuart mead - 16/02/2016 18:08

    What locos will they replace?

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    • BigTone - 18/02/2016 14:16

      None, this was the last chance to buy new Class 66s. EU emission regs mean no more 2 stroke diesels can be built. I believe one of these locos has the engine out of the one that rolled down an embankment in Scotland and cut up on site

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  • Andrewjgwilt1989 - 17/02/2016 09:48

    No wonder the Class 66's are the most reliable freight locomotives that has been manufactured and transports freight cargo across the UK.

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