Industry vows to mind the gap with new campaign

A new public campaign has been launched across the rail network to reduce the number of injuries following falls from the platform or while boarding or alighting from trains, following the launch of a platform-train interface strategy.

‘Lend a Helping Hand’ is being run alongside an internal industry campaign that aims to help railway staff better identify passengers in need.

Network Rail Director of Operations and Maintenance Services Neal Lawson says that the 2,500 stations across the network, all built to different layouts and at different times over the past 180 years meant that there was “no one magic bullet solution to improving platform safety”.

Different types and designs of trains, plus different and changing passenger needs all contributed to the complexity of managing the problem.

“Everybody has heard the phrase 'Mind the Gap'. We're minding that gap every day, looking at how we can make that gap as safe as possible for the millions that rely on a safe and punctual train service” said Lawson.