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Was Banksy‘s work that was removed by London Underground staff artwork or graffiti:

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With little more than a month to go before the Emergency Measures
Agreements expire, passenger operators are ‘nationalised’.



  • A 1-in-11,000 chance of contracting Coronavirus on trains, says research

  • Scotland unveils ambitious decarbonisation and electrification plans

  • Coronavirus: could routes across the UK be mothballed if there is a second spike?

  • Conversion of first Orion freight unit nears completion

  • Non-accessible HSTs and Welsh Pacers granted ANOTHER dispensation by Government

  • Crossrail’s summer 2021 target will not be met

  • First TfL Rail Class 345s reach Heathrow in passenger service

  • Plans for 110mph electrified Welsh test track 

  • Class 196 makes main line debut

  • Bi-mode locomotives on DCRail’s radar

  • Analysis: fitting ETCS to freight locomotives

  • Spotlight on Barmouth Viaduct

  • Exclusive interview with Community Rail Network Chief Executive Jools Townsend 

  • Remembering Old Oak Common open day

  • HS2 construction is accelerating