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High Speed Rail Select Committee publishes final report

The House of Commons Select Committee on the High Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill published its final report on February 22, with recommendations including a longer tunnel in the Chilterns, changes to the maintenance depot at Washwood Heath (Birmingham), and better noise mitigation at Wendover.

The report details changes made to HS2’s route since the initial bill and explains how the committee dealt with almost 1,600 petitions.

Noise concerns comprised much of the committee’s work, but it concluded: “We do not agree that HS2 Ltd has set the thresholds too high, particularly as mitigation will be applied on the basis of modelling that assumes a reasonable worst case. Averaged noise level of 65dB is not high.”

The final conclusion is positive: “HS2 will profoundly transport this country’s railway network.” 

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