Tue Jul 22 2014


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Re-opening existing routes or building new lines to serve as a diversion from Dawlish could cost anything between £470 million and £3.1 billion.

Network Rail’s West of Exeter Route Resilience Study, delivered to the Department for Transport and released on July 15, details options for:

The base case of continuing the current maintenance regime on the existing Exeter-Newton Abbot route - £800,000 per year, with an additional £5m every five years;

Further strengthening the existing railway, with an enhanced base case - early estimated costs of £398m-£659m spread over four Control Periods, with a series of trigger and hold points to reflect funding availability, spend profile and achieved level of resilience;

Rebuilding the London & South West Railway via Okehampton - £875m;

Constructing a double-track modern railway over the former Teign Valley line - £470m;

Further strengthening the existing railway or building one of five alternative direct routes at an estimated cost of between £1.49bn and £3.1bn.

Each case has the estimated cost as an early assessment uplifted by 66%, to provide contingency level consistent with appraisal guidelines







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