Mon Sep 22 2014


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Shipping firms and ports are urging an improved rail freight operation, including better pathing and freight running 365 days of the year.

Adrian Jones, managing director of MOL Shipping, told DB Schenker’s third annual port conference on September 3: “Rail needs 365-day operation. Everyone wants their goods the next day.” He highlighted that containers can be delayed as a result of rail freight not running every day.

Freightliner Commercial Director Keith Gray told RAIL:
“I am not sure whether seven days a week is realistic, but certainly moving everything to six should be achievable and will create significantly more capacity.

“At present, the majority of Freightliner intermodal trains complete five round trip journeys per week, and some of those will take six days to complete [first import service leaving Monday, with the last export arriving back at the port on a Saturday].

“It has been a target of Freightliner’s for many years now to increase the number of round trip services per week, by maximising otherwise idle rolling stock at weekends. Some success has been achieved, with just over 10% of our services now completing six round trips per week. None achieve seven.

Gray said that access to the network is most important, as Network Rail carries out engineering at weekends.

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