Thu Oct 23 2014

EC emissions directive

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Diesels on the rail network in the UK and Europe will receive a reprieve from more stringent emissions standards, if the European Commission’s latest proposal is approved. 

The proposal, released on September 25, sets new standards for other vehicles covered by the NRMM (Non-Road Mobile Machinery) directive under which locomotives are governed, but does not propose a change to the emissions allowed from locomotives as far as 2021.

European Commission spokesman Inmaculada Martinez-Garcia told RAIL: “As Stage IIIB is the highest standard for locomotives applicable so far, a Stage IV will hence formally not exist for locomotive engines. According to the proposal, Stage V becomes mandatory [for locomotives] as of January 1 2021.”

Martinez-Garcia explained that Stage V limits are “numerically identical with the current ones of Stage IIIB - hence do not become more stringent”, and confirmed that “emission limit values have not changed for locomotives”. more in RAIL 759 on sale 15/10/14. Now available for your iPad!