Fri Apr 25 2014


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Labour has responded to suggestions that it will renationalise the railway by restating its position on the Government’s plans to reprivatise East Coast.

As speculation mounted over the stability of the refranchising programme, party leader Ed Miliband has hinted at possible continuation of the Directly Operated Railways (DOR) option.

East Coast was placed in the hands of DOR in September 2009, when National Express East Coast handed back the keys to the franchise. DOR is an arms-length company wholly owned by the Department for Transport.

Taking rail franchises into the state sector under the wing of the DOR, as they come up for renewal, is seen by opponents of privately run railways as a prime opportunity to renationalise the railways incrementally. The East Coast franchise is due to be re-let to the private sector by April 2015.

If it wins power at next year’s General Election, Labour would allow a state operator such as DOR to bid for rail franchises…




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