Thu Oct 2 2014


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DB Schenker has successfully tested stop-start technology on a Class 66, in what is a first for the UK railway.

The Auto Engine Stop Start (AESS) technology, manufactured by ZTR, will now be fitted to 30 locomotives by the end of the year, and a further 60 in 2015. By the end of 2016, all 174 DB Class 66s based in the UK will be fitted with the technology.

DB Head of Maintenance and Infrastructure Andy Byrne, speaking exclusively to RAIL, said the move would save 4,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year across the first 90 Class 66s.

Tests showed that the amount of time the engine was running was reduced by about one-third, which would reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 tonnes, equating to the 4,500t for the 90 locomotives. This is a 10% reduction in emissions.

Byrne told RAIL that AESS works like a modern car. A box (250mm long, 200mm high and 80mm deep, mounted in a small pre-exisiting and unused cabinet located in the vestibule behind No.1 cab of the locomotive) is fitted to the ‘66’ with specific parameters set, regarding performance.

When the ‘66’ comes to a stand and begins to idle, the box will measure battery voltage, engine temperature and oil temperature. If these measurements meet the parameters, then the ‘66’ shuts down.

When power is applied, the ‘66’ will then take 10-20 seconds to ‘fire up’ and start moving.


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