Thu Oct 23 2014

My Top Ten of 2010

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Look, I know this is a bit late…mea culpa and all that. What was it John Lennon said about ‘Life’s what happens to you while you’re making other plans” – well, he was right. My ‘other plans’ were to get this onto the RAIL website in time for a post-Christmas bit of book buying by providing some guidance into what caught my eye in 2010 and was worthy of investment.

OK, so we missed that deadline but honestly, it’s to your advantage! All those normal prices have probably been eased a bit now to encourage sales and so you may well find this lot rather cheaper than you might have done then. A flimsy fig-leaf of a cover story, but I shall stick to it!

So…. click here to see my ‘Top Ten’ of favourites from 2010’s output of books, DVDs, calendars and other ‘stuff’ from the railway publishing/DVD industry which serves our railway interest so very well. This list is the result of some pleasant browsing, reading and viewing put in between Christmas and the New year. And very pleasant it was, too. Writing it all up has been a pleasure, if a little more drawn out than I’d envisaged.

I never fail to be impressed by the range and depth of railway reading and watching which appears each year from book publishers and programme-makers alike. There’s a wide range of producers – large and small, technical and general… long-established and brand new… and their range is diverse indeed.

Are these the best ten products of 2010? That would be a bold claim and it’s not one I’m making. We all have different tastes and speciality interests within the broad church of the railway. These are merely the items which particularly caught my eye, which I especially enjoyed - and which I can personally recommend with enthusiasm. 

For many of us who are lucky enough to work in the rail industry, it’s more than just a job. As well as a profession, it’s a hobby interest too, which often plays a prominent role in our off-duty hours which is where railway modelling, historical study, photography, collecting or just good old reading and viewing for pleasure come in to our lives.

I can promise that this list offers top value, great enjoyment and real quality.

Other than my No. 1 (which is, frankly, a sublime offering and very definitely my favourite) my ten are in no particular order and so I recommend each with equal enthusiasm. So, do ‘pick and mix’ from this lot, which I recommend without reservation. I see dozens of books, DVDs and other railway ‘stuff’ each year (I’m always rummaging through the review heaps around my colleagues’ desks in Steam Railway and Model Rail) and of the hundreds of products, this selection of ten earned a permanent place in my library.